ArtTalk Søren Krag Nathan Ladd Digital Art Lumen Prize Nordic Award Winner 2020

Digital Artist Talk på Facebook: Curator Nathan Ladd in conversation with Søren Krag

Join us in this digital, livestreamed Artist Talk on Facebook at September 15th, 19:00 UTC+2.

15. september
kl. 19:0020:00

Live from Kristiansand, Bergen and London!

Join us in a livestreamed Artist Talk on Facebook with the award winning artist Søren Krag. The interview is conducted by Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art at Tate Britain, Nathan Ladd. Digital Curator at Sørlandets Kunstmuseum Torill Haugen will also participate.

Søren Krag

Søren Krag is the first winner of the Nordic Award; a prize which seeks to recognize excellence in digital visual artists living in the Nordic region. The prize is sponsored by Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, executed in collaboration with Lumen Prize.

His award-winning digital painting “Deux Mille fleurs /Two Thousand Flowers” ,a Jacquard woven piece in wool, won the Nordic Lumen Prize in 2020. Deux Mille Fleurs is a tapestry installation created by digitally weaving two thousand algorithmically generated, unique flowers.
His work combines traditional weaving and ancient patterns from religious art with digital technology. In this conversation with Nathan Ladd you will be introduced to Søren Krags artistic practice, and learn more about the process of making jacquard woven tapestries, which Søren defines as digital painting.
Nathan Ladd is an Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art at Tate Britain, as well as part of the Lumen Prize jury that selected Søren’s work for the Nordic award.
His knowledge of contemporary art will help us understand more about this unique combination of digital and traditional practices.
Please feel free to leave comments or questions during the session and we’ll try our best to answer them.

The livestream starts at 19:00 UTC +2 on Wednesday, September 15th.

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